The MINI:   This one’s for kids ages 5-12. Nail trim, filing and buffing, Lavender soak, light massage and regular polish. Girls get basic design work on one nail of each hand/foot. Clear polish is applied for boys.

20 min. ea.   I   Mani $15   I   Pedi $20.

The RUSH: Need a quick fix or just short on time? This service includes an organic peppermint soak, nail shaping, cuticle clean up, light buffing, quick coconut-aloe butter rub and polish.

30 min. ea.   I   Mani $20   I   Pedi $30   I   Gel polish is $15 more   I  Add Callus filing for $5.

The RETREAT:   This Manicure or Pedicure Treatment includes an organic lavender soak, nail trimming, shaping, buffing, cuticle clean-up, light callus removal, a skin exfoliating scrub with Himalayan pink salt or organic sugar, infused with sweet almond oil, a massage with coconut oil & aloe butter, and a polish finish.

45-60 min. ea.   I   Mani $30   I   Pedi $45     Gel polish is $15 more.

The SPA:   Spa Manicure and Pedicure Treatments include a hand/foot soak using bath bombs enhanced with therapeutic essential oils (choose from the spa options below), nail trimming, shaping, buffing, cuticle clean up, light callus removal, a skin exfoliating scrub with Himalayan pink salt or organic sugar infused with almond oil, an organic collagen cucumber mask wrapped in a warm towel, a relaxing massage with coconut oil & aloe butter, and a polish finish.

60-75 min. ea. (longer for any extras or add-on)   I   Mani $40   I   Pedi $60  I   Gel polish is $15 more.


Spa Options are as follows:


Chelsea Coconut, Oatmeal, & Honey – This team is soothing, softening and moisturizing! Honey has been proven to speed up healing time and prevent infection while oatmeal protects the skin from irritants.

Enfield Green Tea & Stones – Perfect for athletes, gym goers and high heel wearers. This green tea and Epsom salt treatment is a powerful antioxidant and odor neutralizer. Warm stones are used for massaging. Pedi Only $65

Greenwich Grapefruit, Geranium, & Ginger – The ultimate women’s concoction; this treatment will aid in the reduction of swelling and water retention. It is also safe for our pregnant guests.

Lambeth Lavender & Jasmine – A romantic and relaxing floral blend to ease away tension, joint pains, and diffuse negative energy.

Lewisham Lemongrass & Bergamot – A powerful spa treatment! Lemongrass oil acts as a moisturizer and can combat eczema and dryness, while bergamot oil evens skin tone and is an antiseptic, encouraging skin regeneration. Bergamot is even used to treat psoriasis when applied externally. This duo is known to ease anxiety and headaches with its aromatherapy.

Parliament Peppermint & Tea Tree – Refreshing, this combination is anti-fungal, anti- bacterial, and an anti-oxidant. Peppermint oil is full of vitamins and minerals, to include Vitamin A & C. This soak is safe for our Diabetic guests.

Piccadilly Circus Citrus Love – When massaged into the skin, this trio increases lymphatic system movement and awakens the senses.  Orange oil inhibits microbial growth, lemon oil is detoxifying in nature, and lime oil is heard to reduce cellulite.

Richmond Rosemary Mint – An aroma retreat, studies have shown rosemary oil reduces cortisol levels (the “stress” hormone) and helps in fighting free radicals. Mint is an anti-inflammatory and breaks up dead skin cells for a smooth touch.

Sloane Square Sugar Cookie – This sweet treat will exfoliate as the brown sugar fights against bacteria and provides you with a soft after glow. Vanilla extract is high in anti-oxidants and contains Vitamin B Complex for anti-aging effects and is also tranquilizing by having natural calming effects on the body.

Soho Spearmint & Eucalyptus – The ultimate aromatherapy for stress relieving; this treatment is cooling, an anti-inflammatory and provides temporary muscle fatigue relief, all while smelling divine.




Collagen Cucumber Mask – This organic mask goes on with a warm towel and soothes your hands or feet, with cooling and warming effects that stimulate circulation and collagen production for a few minutes before leaving your skin ultra-lux  $5

Callus work added to The Rush or for intense removal with any pedi service $5

Hot stones added to any pedi massage $5

French manicure or pedicure design work $10

Gel Polish added to The Rush, Retreat, or Spa service $15

Gel Polish only or Gel Polish change $25

Gel Polish removal $5 or FREE with replacement gel application

Gel Extensions full set with tips or forms with regular polish $55+, with Gel polish $65+ (Pricing for short to medium sets; longer sets/fills may incur add’l charge.)

Gel Extensions refill $45+ with Regular Polish, with Gel polish $55+

Gel Builder overlay $45+ with Regular Polish, with Gel polish $55+ (Pricing for short overlays; Medium to longer overlays/fills may incur add’l charge.)

Gel Builder overlay refill $35+ with Regular Polish, with Gel polish $40+

Gel Extensions safe removal $15

Acrylic Extensions safe removal $20+ (may be more for MMA)

Nail repair per nail $5

Nail Art – Chrome or Holographic’s are $1 per nail, basic art designs are $3 per nail, moderate rhinestone placement or moderate design work is $6 per nail, junk nail (complete Swarovski nail) or intricate design work is $12 per nail

Regular Polish only or Regular Polish change $15

More Massage time is $10 for 10 minutes, $15 for 15 min., $20 for 20 min., $25 for 25 min., & $30 for 30 min.
















We can bring almost any service to you. Terms for mobile services are as follows:

By appointment only. Call 832-982-3562 for scheduling. $50 minimum to travel.

We require 50% down (for new clients) that is nonrefundable should you cancel, but is applied to your service(s) total.

If you are located inside the 610 loop, a $10 fee is added to each full service. If you are located outside of the loop but inside beltway 8, a $10-$15 fee is added to each service. Outside of beltway 8 may or may not be available, please call for inquiries and pricing.

Specials & discounts are not applicable for mobile services.












15% OFF: Mani & Pedi services on Wednesdays



The Retreat Duet: Mani + Pedi $68 (save $7)



The Spa Duet: Mani + Pedi $91 (save $9)





*Specials may may not be combined with any other offers, appointments only please, & may not be used for gel only, gel extensions, refills, or enhancements.*